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  • To coordinate and communicate the rural masses through the provision of the platform for the underprivileged communities
  • To lay the stone of the sustainable institute for the transformation of the guidelines, policy analysis and the representative of the area
  • To undertake awareness building campaigns with a view to make the rural population alive to the economic issues and urging them to undertake participatory initiatives on the self-basis to address the community problems with available human and material resources.
  • To assist and facilitate rural VDOs/CBOs in undertaking initiatives aiming at introducing modern technology and scientific methods into agricultural and social forestry
  • To educating rural women about their civil rights. Sensitizing various actors of civil society for respect of women rights and Protecting women against social injustice and organizing them of mass campaign crime against women, and establishing a close working relationship with administrative tiers to safeguard women rights.
  • To provide the education and literacy to poor masses
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