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  • To coordinate and communicate the rural masses through the provision of the platform for the underprivileged communities
  • To lay the stone of the sustainable institute for the transformation of the guidelines, policy analysis and the representative of the area
  • To undertake awareness building campaigns with a view to make the rural population alive to the economic issues and urging them to undertake participatory initiatives on the self-basis to address the community problems with available human and material resources.
  • To assist and facilitate rural VDOs/CBOs in undertaking initiatives aiming at introducing modern technology and scientific methods into agricultural and social forestry
  • To educating rural women about their civil rights. Sensitizing various actors of civil society for respect of women rights and Protecting women against social injustice and organizing them of mass campaign crime against women, and establishing a close working relationship with administrative tiers to safeguard women rights.
  • To provide the education and literacy to poor masses
Success Stories

Case study -01
Name of the learner: Rashida Bibi
Village/ Mohalla: Ward No.3
Taluka: Golarchi
Literacy Center Ward No.3 (Shift B)

Rashid Bibi with age 56 is getting the literacy from the FHRRDA-ESRA literacy center at the center of the Ward No.3. Ms. Rashida bibi is a household wife with the household background and has never been out of the home to know the society and the rapid change in the social aspects.

It is the first time that she is in the literacy center. She tells about the personal life that she had not been provided any opportunity for the education in the family. Being poor and belonging to the restricted family she never moved for any formal education in her whole life. And it is because of this she had been restricted to home only. She has faced many ups and down in the life and it is because of it she is behind many women.

My life has been changed as when I have been able to read and write. She has raised her confidence, and the skills to tackle the things at not to her home but to whole the mohalla. She says that it is the first time I have felt my importance. She thanks to the FHRRDA and the ESRA initiative for the underprivileged community to get the literacy.

Case study-02
Name of the learner: Asia Bbibi
Village/ Mohalla: Ward No.3
Taluka: Golarchi
Literacy Center Ward No.3 Shift A

Asia bibi with the age of 50 is getting the literacy and has the basic skills of the embroidery. Her family consists of 7 members. She earns the means of the living and she is also the source of support for her family. Her two young daughters also support her. Her husband is drug addict. Her one daughter is the teacher at the literacy center.

She was completely illiterate and never been able to get such opportunity to be literate. She was looking for the opportunity to get the literacy from the any source. It was the first time that she got such opportunity when FHRRDA opened one literacy center in their mohalla. She was admitted and has passed two months in the literacy center. At this movement she is about to write and read the simple things.

She says that to be literate is a great reward from the God. She has not only changed her life living but she has felt a change in her personal life also.  She can now easily can understand and write the words, can ask the sounds easily.

Case Study –03
Name of the learner: Rukhsana Kosar
Village/ Mohalla: Ward No.3
Taluka: Golarchi
Literacy Center Ward No.3

Ms.Rukhsana Kosar is an adult learner with the age of 40 years. She received her primary education during the child hood and it took 35 years to her leaving the education. Since then she never wrote the words.  She felt the important to be educated but she could not get literacy from any source. She does the work if embroidery and runs the entire family.

She was looking fore the education. Now after the 40 years she ahs the opportunity to be literate. She says such literacy atmosphere is not even found in the primary as well as the secondary schools of the government where the government is spending millions of the rupees. Ms. Kosar said that after the few skilled of reading and writing she has the best input to take the papers and start reading it. She not only takes interest but does the home work at the ho\me. Her home atmosphere has been changed as all the family members also focus upon the education.

Case study –04
Name of the learner: Ms.Sumera (Teacher) telling stories
Village/ Mohalla: Ward No.2
Taluka: Golarchi
Literacy Center Ward No.2

Ms.Sumera is the teacher of literacy center at ward no.2. She says that the family of the young learners is poor so they could not enroll their sons and daughters due to the poverty and the under dependence. Their family hardly manages the family matters due to the increasing poverty and the less income opportunities.

While interviewing the all the 4 learns (Saima, Ashok, Perveen, and Rashid) added that:

  • Their teacher is very much focused on their teaching.
  • The teachers not only focused upon them but also to all the learners.

While the case study team also met with the parents of the focused 4 learns of the literacy center at ward no.2

The parents added that they have the big family size and they are not able to provide education to the all family members. And they were waiting for some divine revolution and now they are very happy to see the positive response from the organization it has provided the literacy to their children.  They praised the punctuality of the teacher and the arrangement of the literacy for the underprivileged communities.

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